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Clip Bath

132300 – Clipbath 100 cpm x 1.5 mins

MBC manufactures a Clip Bath that holds the container around the valve. The MBC side clip design allows you to easily see a leaking valve cup while the can is totally submerged. This is an advantage over an external clip style that shrouds a large amount of the valve cup making it difficult to see a leak and making it awkward to evacuate the water prior to leaving the tank.

Another advantage of the MBC clip over an Internal clip design is that it also accepts oversize pre tipped valves.

The MBC clip bath has a rotating turret floor eliminating the need to cam up the can into the clip, saving the base of the can from unnecessary wear and potential damage from scuffing.


  • Full stainless steel tank, frame, and carriage assembly
  • Turret components either stainless or anodized aluminum
  • Electronic water level control
  • Easily visible can cup
  • Numbered clips for can identification
  • Full can submersion
  • Air jets evacuate water from valve cups

  • Quick change tool‐less can diameter tooling (up to 3″ dia.)
  • Easy crank can height adjustment (up to 12‐1/2″)
  • Tempered glass safety enclosure
  • Automatic tank carriage raising and lowering
  • Intrinsically safe electronics and explosion proof motor
  • Touchscreen color HMI

Line Speeds: 35—70, 75—150, and 150—300 CPM

Clipbath2-EASY_TO_SEE_LEAKERSEasily visible valve cup.

Clipbath2-RAISED_FOR_SAFETYCans automatically raise and lower from tank.

Rotating turret floor.

Clipbath2-100_2293Easy turret height adjustment.

Clipbath2-VALVE_CUP_DRYINGAir jets evacuate water from valve cup.

Easily visible valve cup with full can submersion.