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Depalletizers will automate the container feeding process.

  1. Full, unwrapped pallet is loaded into the machine and fed to the depalletizing station.
  2. Elevator table moves to top tier of pallet load.
  3. Lower slipsheet is secured. Top layer and slipsheet swept onto the elevator table.
  4. Elevator table moves to the level of discharge table and containers are swept onto the discharge table.
  5. Discharge table momentarily pauses while slipsheet removed off top and stacked in hopper.
  6. Containers are channeled off the discharge table onto conveyor to next station.


  • Powered full pallet feed
  • Empty pallet stacker
  • Slipsheet remover/stacker


  • Floor level operation & container discharge
  • Operator control center provides simple operation
  • High volume, reliable operation

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