After twelve years in the Aerosol Packaging Industry, we’ve had the opportunity to figure some things out at MBC. As a trusted leader in parts and service orders, we tend to see a lot of unnecessary stress caused by the maintenance stage of the manufacturing process

Ben Ernst, Field Service Manager/ Parts & Technical Support

“[Companies] are setting up a lot of their own SOP’s and they just don’t know where to start,” according to our Parts and Service Manager, Ben Ernst.

Ultimately, he says the most important aspect in parts orders is always looking ahead.

“You should definitely be proactive because what a lot of people do is they run until failure, then they order parts and it’s a huge ordeal, right?” said Ernst.

Instead of risking an inventory shortage or manufacturer delay, Ernst said the ideal plan is to put a Preventative Maintenance Schedule into play immediately. That way, you can be sure the parts you need are in stock and ready for your machine as soon as you need them.

Ernst makes sure that all MBC customers are provided with a schedule for maintenance almost immediately after their machine is shipped. We build each machine from the ground up and are confident that we know our equipment inside and out. And when customers follow this guidance with their provided schedule, it has been proven to minimize their overall down time drastically.

But you don’t need one of our machines to benefit from all our provided services. Ernst can help anyone create a Preventative Maintenance Schedule for aerosol packaging machinery.

We like to think we know what we’re doing here. And nothing makes us happier than helping others in the industry climb the ladder to growth and success. That’s why we’ll always gladly share our tips of the trade. (Or most of them anyway!)

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