MBC Aerosol has a decade long history working with Bag On Valve technology. Since our founding, we have recognized the advantages of this system, and have implemented it into dozens of designs for clients, spanning a wide array of products and uses. BOV machinery is our strongest seller, year after year, thanks to its affordable start-up costs, and easy-to-learn operation, along with a cleaner untainted end-product.

The Package

BOV packaging is simpler than conventional aerosol cans. One major benefit is the absence of VOC’s. Your product is deposited in a rolled-up aluminum, or condensed polyurethane bag, and compressed air or nitrogen is loaded into the can around it for pressurization. That means after usage, the package becomes 100% recyclable. This system also allows for a true 360-degree spray, dispensing 99.9% of your product, eliminating nearly all waste.

The Process

The bag is attached to the aerosol valve, compressed air is charged into the can, and the valve is then crimped onto your container. The product is forced through that valve stem until the bag is filled. It’s as simple as that.

When the container’s release button is pressed, the product is squeezed out of the bag by the compressed air, pushing it through the spray tip, atomizing or dispensing it, based on your end-products function. With a user-friendly design, MBC BOV solutions are also capable of rapid and easy changeover, allowing for a multitude of product filling off the same base machine.

The Product

In addition to a simplified process that improves overall quality and sanitization of your product, BOV technology allows for easier setup and changeover, while also expanding the opportunities for formulations off the same base machine.

The only limitation on using a BOV package would be with a product that requires a hydrocarbon to dissolve solids or thin the product to spray. So far, BOV systems have seen great success in sunscreens, lotions, oils and gels, to name a few.

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