What is marketing doing? playing golf?

Marketing director duties and expectations

Depending on industry focus and the company’s needs, the role can vary quite a bit. In general, the director of marketing manages the marketing process from research and planning to execution and analysis. In most cases, the following job responsibilities can be expected:

  • Participate in the development of branding and corporate identity initiatives
  • Develop and implement marketing plans, including promotional calendars and programs, new product introductions and other marketing projects
  • Develop and manage marketing budgets
  • Develop sales forecasting and product branding plans
  • Establish and grow a target market share
  • Monitor costs and budgets
  • Conduct customer, brand and product research initiatives
  • Offer expert advice to develop innovative advertising, public relations, social media and events
  • Negotiate with media partners to guarantee advantageous contracts
  • Work with new business development team and sales teams on brand initiatives
  • Manage agency providers, consultants, freelancers and other suppliers, including contract negotiation and management
  • Demonstrate excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Supervise a marketing team, including hiring, training, workloads, schedules and deadlines
  • May oversee the operation of a company’s website or email marketing program and provide analytics review 


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