The emergency system for the MBC Clipbath is comprised of a programmable safety controller & many on machine safety devices. The system is designed to remove cans from the heat energy of the water of the machine before executing a full electrical & pneumatic zero energy state of the machine.

This is done by raising the carriage that carries the cans through the hot water up and out of the water.

Note that the recirculation pump is not included in the zero-energy execution. If the heat source is controlled by the MBC Clipbath, it also will be immediately shut off. The heat energy in the water will remain and dissipate slowly over time. If the water is hot, the recirculation pump will continue to recirculate the water. The reason for raising the cans out of the water is to reduce the risk of possibly exploding overheated cans. There is a safety function that allows operator intervention for example to remove a floating can, that delays the raising of the cans. Note the cans will begin raising after the delay & continue to a zero-energy state, even if the operator has not completed his task. It is noted that the can carriage raises slow enough to be an acceptable risk. Mechanical safety pins are included to lockout the can carriage when maintenance is being performed.

Major factors

  • Reduced labor cost
  • Emergency Stop & Reset pushbuttons
  • Safety Doors Switches
  • Safety Pawls
  • Carriage Lockout Pins
  • Overtemperature Switch