Inhalers – these have effects similar to smoking or vaping with a couple of significant differences. They deliver pure, uncontaminated product without additives. In addition, an inhaler provides a way to determine a precise dose each and every time it is used. Inhalers tend to be more effective for rapid relief due to the purity and increased levels of THC or CBD delivered with each use. (

Breaking into the Metered Dose Inhaler business? MBC Aerosol can provide you with the perfect product-filling equipment for your needs, whether it be small batches of your unique formula, or faster, larger-scale lab use. The Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) has been proven to be an extremely effective way of delivering medication to the bloodstream and has already seen success with vitamin, cannabidiol (CBD), THC, and hemp recipes, among others. MDI’s also provide the consumer with a more practical and discreet method of consumption than more common techniques might allow with stigmatized medications. Our machines are always designed to fit each customer’s specific needs so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have about our MDI stations.

MBC Hand Operated Line / Pilot semi-automatic machines offer our customer a platform for slower speed production requirements or lab usage. These machines are available in either a self standing portable base or a plate mount configuration for benchtop use. Operation dependent upon the stations chosen to fit your operation requirements. MBC can also provide a base with multiple stations configured to suit customer’s particular needs. Should the customer desire to upgrade to an automated Rotary Index for higher production requirements, the station(s) on the handline may be migrated to the faster platform. Semi-automatic operation generally consists of the operator placing the can or bottle in the locator under the station head, then simultaneously pressing two ergonomic palm buttons which activates the station to its particular task. All these machines are capable of operation at a rate of 10 – 15 cans per minute.
MBC Aerosol also offers the MDI machines in an automatic Rotary Index platform configurable with clockwise rotation left to right or counterclockwise rotation right to left, single indexing drive, and customizable operation with a maximum of 2 combinations of Aerosol Stations. These machines are capable of operation at a rate of 25 – 50 cans per minute.


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