Our engineers at MBC can help you bring your wildest BOV dreams to life. But we also have the knowledge to guide you on your product-filling path and make sure you are choosing the right machinery to meet your needs. There are a ton of factors that come into play when designing your machine but knowing the end goal of what your line will be producing is a great start!

For contract packagers, our Rotary Index Machines offer smooth and easy changeover to allow for a variety of products, even at different batch volumes.

If your plan is producing and filling your own unique product in quantity, our Continuous Motion Machines might be more your speed.”

Rotary Index

Type: Intermittent index

Sizes: RI-9, RI-18 and RI-36

Max Speed of each Machine: 50cpm (100cpm is achieved using multiple machines interlinked on the same line)


50cpm BOV Line: 1 Double Index Rotary – 2 x UTC stations  and 6 x TTV Filler Stations

  • To double the Speed we use a Mirror Image Rotary and a second conveyor. After the 2 rotarys we merge into one end of line Actuator placer, capper and packoff
  • Its not common to go over 100cpm with Rotary index. The next speed up is Continuous motion high speed rotary


  • HSR-6 Head x 1 Turret (6 total Heads) 100-150cpm
  • HSR-6 x 2 (12 total Heads) 100-150cpm
  • HSR-6 x 3 (18 total Heads) 100-150cpm
  • HSR-9 x 1 (9 total Heads) 150-200cpm
  • HSR-9 x 2 (18 total Heads) 150-200cpm
  • HSR-15 x 1 (15 total Heads) 150-300cpm
  • HSR-15 x 2 (30 total Heads) 150-300cpm


150cpm BOV Line:

1 HSR-9 x 2 BOV Inserter / UTC = 9 x BOV Inserter Heads on the 1st Turret and 9 x UTC Stations on the 2nd turret

1 HSR-9 x 2 BOV TTV  Filler = 9 TTV Heads of 1st Turret and 9 TTV Heads of 2nd Turret