1. Can anyone you do this? Yes, we can train your staff but we require you to have technical expertise on site to support and setup the machinery. And assist with issues that may arise with the aerosol components.
  2. Do your homework to understand market and budget overall start-up costs such as
    • Package cost
    • Infrastructure cost
    • Operating cost
    • Storage space
    • Facility safety classification per product
  3. Work with suppliers to determine best packaging solution for your product
    • Bag on valve: Lower startup Cost / Higher package cost / Product Limitations / Compressed air Green package
    • Conventional Aerosol: Higher startup cost / Lower package cost / Probable flammable liquid gasses which require a gas house and gas tank farm
    • Compatibility: It’s great to get to market fast so you don’t miss the opportunity but allow your component vendors to do their suggested testing to ensure all the materials used are compatible.
  4. Check the D.O.T. requisite for product shipping
    • Product and pressure safety
  5. Research your competition to ensure you can compete

Wishing you the best in your endeavor!