MBC prides itself on being considered experts in our industry. One way we’re working to grow that expertise is by combining our knowledge with leaders in the field all around the world, specifically in regions that tend to be underserved.

Enter Guillermo

With over two decades of experience in the industry, Guillermo will now be our primary representative for our blossoming relationships within Latin America.

We understand that having a close, personal point of contact can be essential in keeping production running efficiently and successfully. Guillermo not only understands the ins and outs of the aerosol industry, but he’s helping us better understand the unique components of a region that he believes has been horribly let down when it comes to receiving solid consistent technical service.

Since our goal is to grow our personal connections, what better way to start than to get a little extra personal with our new collaborator. We sent Guillermo some fun, get-to-know-you questions and we loved his answers so much we knew we needed to share them.

* Where is your FAVORITE place in Latin America?
North part of the Brazilian coast. I love the connection between the sea, sun, amazing food, and music.

* What’s one fun quirk about you that makes you excel at what you 
Every time I go to the market I spend a lot of time checking the new aerosol products on the shelves. Of course, I try to hide – because my wife says that I spend more time on the {cosmetic} area than her. It’s so funny- I can´t hide my passion.

* What are your way-in-the-future, eventual retirement plans?
If retired means to stay at home and quitting my passion in personal 
networking and product innovation, I must say that retirement is not an 
As long as I have good health, I will keep on doing what is still my 
passion – balancing work and leisure as I have ever done.

Can’t wait to see where this new connection brings us Guillermo!