MBC Aerosol offers High Speed Rotary (HSR) automated, continuous motion machinery in 6, 9, 12, and 18 head turret designs. The MBC stations are mounted to a central column uniformly by function. The center column turns continuously with the changepart providing an operating time beginning when the head engages the can to the point of can discharge. This method allows for the highest performance of all machines offered. HSR machines are configurable with clockwise rotation left to right or counterclockwise rotation right to left. These machines are capable of operation at a rate up to 300 cans per minute. Other speeds available upon request.

Also available in this range are:

  • Product Filler
  • Valve Insertion
  • Pouch Insertion for Bag on Valve
  • Crimper
  • TTV (through the valve) Gasser
  • UTC (under the cup) Gasser for Bag on Valve
  • TTV Filler for Bag on Valve


  • Stainless steel wash down construction frame with polished top
  • Quick change tool‐less can diameter change parts (less than 5 min)
  • Tempered glass safety enclosure
  • Stainless steel side panels and enclosure
  • Can in‐feed and discharge sensors


Drive Motor: 280V/460V 3 Phase
Air Supply: 90 PSI 1” NPT