QC1017 – Stem/Pedestal Digital Height Gauge & Calibration Disc

Read measurements on an LCD. These indicators have a spring-loaded plunger that retracts and extends to measure objects. All have zero-position memory, also known as absolute (ABS) positioning, which retains the measuring position when the indicator is off. A zero-set button lets you start measuring at any point. SPC data output allows for connection to a computer or data processor.

USB data cable (sold separately) connects the indicator directly to your PC.

10-pin data cables (sold separately) connect the indicator to a Mitutoyo miniprocessor or multiplexer.

Wireless data transmitter and receiver (sold separately) allow you to transmit measurement data from an indicator to your PC without being tethered by a cable.

Bluetooth tool (sold separately) transmits measurement data via Bluetooth technology to smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

  • System of Measurement              Inch/Metric
  • Indicator Style                              Plunger
  • Measuring Range                         Inch       0″-0.5″       Metric   0-12.7 mm
  • Measuring Increments                  Inch       0.0005″     Metric   0.01 mm
  • Accuracy                                       Inch       ±0.001″     Metric   ±0.025 mm