MBC Rotary Index Machines offer our customers a highly customizable platform with which to fill their production requirements.

MBC Rotary Index Machines are configurable with clockwise rotation left to right or counterclockwise rotation right to left, single or double indexing drive, and customizable operation with varying combinations of Aerosol or Bag on Valve Stations. Our 36″ Rotary Index can accept a maximum of 6 stations, our 18″ Rotary Index can accept a maximum of 4 stations, and our 9″ Rotary Index can accept a maximum of 2 station per table. These machines are capable of operation at a rate of 25 – 100 cans per minute.


  • Stainless steel Wash down construction frame with polished top
  • Quick change tool-less can diameter change parts (less than 5 minutes)
  • Tempered glass safety enclosure for filling operation
  • Stainless wire mesh safety enclosure for aerosol gassing operation
  • Stainless steel base side panels
  • Enclosure can straddle single or double can conveyor lanes
  • Can in-feed and discharge sensors