MBC has designed a new positive placement diptube valve inserter station that mounts on indexing equipment, either new or existing MBC machinery or existing other manufacturers indexing machinery. Most manufacturers use air to push the valve into the can. Unfortunately with curled diptubes or thick products the valve doesn’t always get in the can or the force it takes to get it in the can splashes the product. The MBC Valve inserter employs an advanced design that physically pushes the valve into the container gently but swiftly and, if it’s a dimpled valve, seats it.


Semi Auto

  • Polished Stainless Steel and Aluminum Anodized
  • 1” Aerosol Valve
  • Diptube Length 2”—12”
  • 1” BOV Valves 2”—12”


  • 100 Cans Per Minute


Line Speeds: 15—150 CPM