In aerosol manufacturing, pucks are used as part of the filling process. These pucks, typically made of plastic or metal, serve several purposes:

  1. Supporting the Can: Pucks are inserted into the cans before filling to provide stability and ensure that the cans remain upright during the filling process. This helps prevent spills and ensures accurate filling.

  2. Conveyance: Pucks are often used to transport the cans along the production line from one stage of the manufacturing process to another. They help maintain a consistent speed and spacing between the cans, facilitating efficient production.

  3. Filling and Sealing: During the filling process, the cans are held in place by the pucks to ensure precise filling of the aerosol product. Additionally, pucks may assist in the sealing process by holding the cans securely while the tops are crimped or sealed.

Overall, pucks play a crucial role in maintaining efficiency, accuracy, and safety throughout the aerosol manufacturing process.