increase of 90% in valve replacement and the accuracy

The new area of focus is a machine known as the Valve Inserter. A couple of upgrades were made for the machine to work faster and more efficiently than it has ever been before. The engineering team pursued this innovation because an increase of valve accuracy was needed. The original design relied on Cylinder to position the valve repeatably. The valve inserter cylinder wouldn’t stop in the same place every time. The first upgrade was an O-ring upgrade which creates smoother operation. There is a new Valve Inserter jaw and Pneumatic cylinder that was added to the machine to help the process run smoothly. The new inserter jaw closes now for the valve to stay in place and not fall out of the machine. Finally, the Pneumatic cylinder simply helps the flow of the valves. The speed for this machine has an increase of 90% in valve replacement and the accuracy is way more efficient than it ever was before.

Curious about enhancing your valve insertor current setup?