MBC Aerosol manufactures Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI), also known as asthma inhaler or puffer, filling equipment for lab and small production use. This equipment is ideal for the vitamin, hemp, cannabidiol (CBD), prescription (THC), essential oil, vitamin, and homeopathic medication delivery industries. The equipment is designed for the 20mm bottle size and other common Sizes.

MBC Hand Operated Line / Pilot semi-automatic machines offer our customers a platform for slower speed production requirements or lab usage. These machines are available in either a self-standing portable base or a plate mount configuration for benchtop use. Operation is dependent upon the stations chosen to fit your operational requirements. MBC can also provide a base with multiple stations configured to suit customer’s particular needs. Should the customer desire to upgrade to an automated Rotary Index for higher production requirements, the station(s) on the handline may be migrated to the faster platform.

The semi-automatic operation generally consists of the operator placing the can or bottle in the locator under the station head, then simultaneously pressing two ergonomic palm buttons that activate the station to its particular task.

All these machines are capable of operation at a rate of 10 – 15 cans per minute.

MBC Aerosol also offers the MDI machines in an automatic Rotary Index platform configurable with clockwise rotation left to right or counterclockwise rotation right to left, single indexing drive, and customizable operation with a maximum of 2 combinations of Aerosol Stations. These machines are capable of operation at a rate of 25 – 50 cans per minute.